Frankfurt Markets

There are approximately 20 regular markets that are held on a weekly basis or twice a week in many Frankfurt districts. We are only focussing on a few central ones for now. if you want to see, if there is also a regular market in your district, chech out for more details.

Farmers Market Konstablerwache

Thursdays, 10:00-20:00
Saturdays, 08:00-17:00

More than 50 vendors offer their produce on this central market. Mainly regional products, basically freshly delivered from the field by local farmers. Also, the Konstablerwache market is a popular spot for enjoying a lazy Saturday with some Bratwurst, Grüne Soße and or a glass of (apple) wine.


Bockenheim Weekly Market

Thursdays, 08:00-18:00


Typical quarter market with around 30 vendors, not only for the many students that still live in Bockenheim (despite the university's move westward in recent years) with farmers' produce same as other products. Great cheese vendor!


Bornheim Weekly Market

Wednesdays, 08:00-18:30
Saturdays, 08:00-16:00


This is one of the most popular weekly markets in Frankfurt, not only because of its quite picturesque setting on the Bornheim market square around the "Uhrtürmchen" ("little clock tower"). Great variety of offer, many fresh farmers products next to the biggest choice of olives north of Thessaloniki as well as good food for a quick bite (the Bratwurst at the smaller booth, the one that also sells crepes on the other side, is not of this world!).


Kaisermarkt Weekly Market

Tuesdays, 09:00-19:00
Thursdays, 09:00-19:00


This weekly market across the street from the central railway station is a famous lunch spot for the bankers of the nearby financial district. The large swing barbecue, the Green Sauce stand and others can get quite crowded between 12 and 2 pm.


Nordend "Friedberger Markt" Weekly Market

Fridays, 10:00-20:00


The Nordend Market is also called "Friedberger Markt", not because it is in Friedberg but it is on Friedberger Platz. It started in 2005 as a small neighbourhood market with just a handful of stands. Residents started to meet there on sunny Friday afternoons for a cozy glass of wine - news which soon went around the city. More and more people came to gather on Friedberger Platz for an afterwork drink, many bringing their own bottles, and to celebrate the start of the weekend. It didn't take long until the market had turned into a big open air festival on each Friday, with people travelling 100 kilometres to be there. Thousands were chilling on the small piece of grass, turning the square into a quite mediterranean holiday-feel spot, celebrating long into the night. Many residents felt disturbed, and partly rightly so, because the waste and other unappetizing things kept piling up and the noise at 2am in the morning could sometimes keep up with that of a 747 taking off. Now, the last guests have to leave the market at 10pm sharp and continue their weekend in the neighboring bars - many of them offering "Friedberger Markt" specials. Special tips: the Hinterzimmer (3 minutes walk) or the bar of the restaurant Trares

Recommended restaurants in the vicinity: the gemütlichen Fette Henne, the trendy Trares and the old Viet/Thai alltime favourite Húe


Besides the party, it is also a great market for buying wonderful cheese, fresh meat and probably some of the best vegetables and fruits in the city.


Schillermarkt Weekly Market

Fridays, 09:00-18:30


In the centre of downtown Frankfurt, this market attracts shoppers and business lunchers alike every Friday. About 40 stands, many fresh products.