HUTCOUTURE - Susanne Bänfer

During her art & sculpting studies Susanne Bänfer discovered hatmaking, and it is not surprising that much of what was "academically" learnt flowed into her creations and many end-products are indeed sculptural works of art.
"It wasn't easy" remembers Susanne when she, in 1991, opened her shop and atelier at the bottom of Oeder Weg in Nordend-West. Passers by would ask if she produced carnival outfits.
Fortunately, quickly, she drew the attention of avid fashion observers and wearers who were fascinated by the manner in which she experimented with colours, forms and out of the ordinary exquisit materials.
Hatmaking is all about steam, wooden forms, pins, brushes, a steady hand and craftsmanship - after 2 decades in the business, Susanne's works enjoy much admiration not only in fashion circles but also among German nobility who frequently require something with a wow-effect for a wedding or summer party. Clients often come with an idea, the final product - the hat itself - comes into being during the work process, always as one-of-a-kind and priced from around 250 euros onwards.
For those afraid to wear a hat - whereby Susanne Bänfer is of the opinion that everyone can wear one as long as it has the right form - Susanne produces "fascinators" - fantastic arrangements of cloth, feathers, lace, wire and other materials which appear to float over one's hair. 
Oeder Weg 25
60318 Frankfurt (Nordend West)
P: +49 (0)69 5961294


Opening hours: Mon-Fri

Location: Nordend West
Products: Hats
Debit (EC)
Languages: German



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