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How often does one linger through a store, stumble upon an awesome object, only to realize it belongs to the deco and is not up for sale. At Liebesdienste Home this won't happen! The unordinary here is that everything one sees may be bought - from the smallest decoration element or picture on the wall to the wall paint itself.

Liebesdienst Home is a "feel-good" warehouse where Scandinavian airy design clashes with passionate Mediterranean taste - the unique mix invites to stroll, marvel and enjoy.

Liebesdienste Home lures with a light, easy and sometimes also venturous type of design. Mixing styles and materials lends any home an interesting and fascinating atmosphere - an extremely stimulating atmosphere one can, already in the store, experience and allow to "sink in". Gone are the times that one had to compromise with one style per room, Liebesdienste demonstrates it.


Liebesdienst features small furniture and home accessories from well known Danish labels like House doctor, firm living, skagerak, Broste or Norman Copenhagen. To be enjoyed at home, but to be tried in the store, a small show kitchen offers a degustation of selected  "warm-country" delicacies, developed by gourmet-chef Nicolas Vahé.

A stroll is nicest when it can be enjoyed - this atmosphere and this enjoyment have highest priority with the Liebesdienst makers. A coffee to pep one up, a praline for a happy moment or a tasting of pestos? Why not? Quality is a total experience.

Oeder Weg 59
60318 Frankfurt am Main
P: +49 (0)69 5092733


Opening hours: Mon-Sat

Location: Nordend West
Products: Small furniture, home accessories, interior deco,
Debit (EC)
Languages: German



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