Liebesdienste hair

We regret to inform that the "Liebesdienst hair" is closed for good.
Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Liebesdienst hair resides in what was previously a large "Altbauwohnung" (very popular appartments in old buildings as opposed to less popular "Neubauwohnung" built after the war), and now the high ceiling rooms are used for the unusual salon.


The concept entails, in addition to the hairdressing area not seen from outside, a small shop with fashion, accessories and a lot more. Deco is colourful, creative and everything else but cold.

The name may sound unusual but it is easy to explain - and simultaneously "raison d'être" - with lots of Liebe (love) offer Dienste (services), and that customers feel, praising the team for the loving care.

The philosophy - through the interaction of salon and shop an unusual feel-good atmosphere emerges, very different to more purposeful arranged hairdressers.


The team - work always with lots of "Liebe", and Björn Ermel expects from them that they identify with Liebesdienste as their own business and don't perform as if it were just a job. To become a  Liebesdienstler at least two preconditions are expected - love for  one's trade and a sunny disposition.


Hair care and dyeing products are exclusively from AVEDA, a brand known for its highly effective products of pure flower and plant essences from which both customers, team and our planet profit. AVEDA's line range covers personal care from head to foot and is used or sold worldwide in approximatelly seven thousand salons, spas and Environmental Lifestyle Stores in 24 countries and in Sachsenhausen exclusively at Liebesdienste.

Textorstraße 24
60594 Frankfurt am Main
P: +49 (0)69 60629760


Opening hours: Tue-Fri
Mon closed
Location: Sachsenhausen
Services: Hair cuts, styling, dyeing etc.
Products: Small shop w/ fashion, accessories etc.
Debit (EC)
Languages: German



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