DJ Marshall

In DJ Marshalls adopted home-town Frankfurt, the city's fast tempo and scene determine the pulse. It is the openness to anything new side by side with the care for tradition which contributes to the fascination the city buzzes and which is mirrored in Marshall's sound. Classics of the past, current tracks or club-sounds, the mix of Black and House in all their facets characterize his set.

Marshall has has been DJ’ing since 2000, initially focusing on HipHop and R'n'B as support act for renowned colleagues and later as resident DJ at the Broadway and the VillaDrei (today Plaza) in Mannheim.
With his move to Frankfurt, he was swept by the wave of electronic beats which ensnared the scene and broadened his set to include House Music. Added experience was earned performing club gigs and as opening act for for the likes of, among many others, Fatman Scoop, Azad or Jonesmann.
Over the past 15 years, he has spun in uncountable clubs in the Rhein Main region and belongs, since late 2012 to the resident DJs of the Velvet - one of the trendiest clubs in town.
DJ Marshall has loads of experience entertaining diversified audiences and has the right feeling for the right music at the right place.
Music style Black and House
Services DJ sets for parties, events etc.
Languages: German



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