Beauty Salons in Frankfurt

How better to relax from a stressful work day than indulging yourself with a beauty treatment. And preparing for a big event gets so much easier when someone else takes care of making sure your appearance is just perfect. There are countless beauty salons in Frankfurt, so let us try to help you seperate the wheat from the chuff.

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Step inside, close your eyes, relax, discover the truth behind personalised beauty… In a quiet street of Frankfurt’s trendy Nordend

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Nordend east

Hairdressers ...

The creative n-kuentro “guys” offer haircuts and haircare at highest professional level, using renowned products at very competitive prices.

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Nordend east

The concept entails, in addition to the hairdressing area, a small shop with fashion, accessories and a lot more. Deco is colourful, creative and everything else but cold.

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