Menu - Margarete Restaurant and Bistro

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Dinner in the centre of Frankfurt

The kitchen recommends both individual dishes and a menu á la carte. You may order our menu as a two-course, three-course, four-course or five-course meal.

Dinner from 6:00 pm. Daily variations to our menu may occur, as all dishes are prepared fresh daily.


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Dinner at the restaurant


Pepper prosecco gazpacho with argentinian fire shrimp,  some olive oil & dill

Marinated & grilled watermelon candied green asparagus, feta & olive oil icecream with nigella-honey coriander & fresh mint

Mild stewed calf cheeks salsa verde, smoked and mashed green peas, braised pearl onion and preserved chervil root

Two ways of sorbet with bitter orange confit and pralinée


3 courses Soup, main, dessert 38 Euro

4 courses 48,00 Euro



Pepper prosecco gazpacho with Argentinian fire shrimp,  some olive oil & dill 12,50 Euro

Potato apple soup with herb oil & purple chips 8,80 Euro

Frothy asparagus & basil soup with grilled lemon and crisp bacon 9,80 Euro



Marinated & grilled watermelon candied green asparagus, feta & olive oil icecream with nigella-honey coriander & fresh mint 13,50 Euro

Pearl barley maki with smoked scallops, potato miso cream, roasted panko and teriyaki-sauce with herb salad 14,80 Euro

Onesided fried tartar from the young bull with tuna cream, english celery salad with cranberries, grilled lemon and peppered butter 15,50 Euro

Grilled Thuna, raw inside with raw asparagus salad with pear vinaigrette tarragon & egg yolk 17,50 Euro

Light braised calf cheek with salsa verde on green pea mash, braised pearl onions & pickled chevril root 15,50 Euro

Homemade ravioli with pine kernels & creamcheese filling | tossed in porcini butter range truffle froth and creamy sauerkraut 14,80 Euro



Our salads, crisp and colourful.

With saisonal vegetables like champignons, radishes, nuts, herbs and croutons.

with sesame honey and grilled goat cheese with marinated corn fed chicken with pulled cod

starter 11,50 Euro / main course 15,50 Euro  



Homemade Ravioli with pine kernels and creamcheese-filling,  tossed in porcini-butter | orange truffle-foam | creamy Kraut 18,50 Euro

Asparagus risotto with peppered strawberries, glaced walnuts and baby chard 18,50 Euro



Mild Sauerbraten from the spotted Simmenthaler cattle on roasted cauli-flower mash, flaky nutbutter potatos & candied calamata olives 19,50 Euro

Lamb crown with thyme garlic butter out the oven, with grilled vegetables, fried polenta and potato straw & jus 28,50 Euro

Roasted portobello with parmesan froth on melted potatos and fried zucchini with crispy rosemary 22,50 Euro

Fish of the catch with andalusian vegetables, balsamic onions, fried sesame polenta and pepper coulis 28,50 Euro



Entrecôte grilled 250 gr 28 Euro

Young bull fillet grilled 220 gr 34 Euro

Roastbeef at a stretch 1000 gr 110,00 Euro from 4 persons. Served on a wooden board, cut on the table. Every other person +250 gr 27,50 Euro each comes with roasted potatoes, glased vanilla chilli carrots coarse pepper, Chili oil and seasalt served separatly



Chocolat shortbread tarte with red peach sorbet, bitter orange sorbet and caramel nuts 11,50 Euro

Cassis beet sorbet and cassiscrème with pistachio-chocolate-pralinée 12 Euro

Crème brûlée with homemade compote 9,50 Euro

Cheese always changing, please ask our staff 11,50 €




Frankfurt Tapas

Daily from 12 pm. ON DISPLAY Lovely little bites. Ideal for sharing and trying.

 try & share!

Uhlmann ́s hot Mettwurst sausage                                                           5,80 €

with farmers bread, butter, gherkins and horseraddish mustard


Handkäs ́mit Musik                                                                               5,50 €

local sourmilk cheese, marinated in onions and oil. GREAT!


Lentilsalad with octopus with lime and parsley                                       6,80 €

Frankfurter Grüne Soße                                                                       5,50 €

Another local speciality…loads of herbs with sour cream. A must have in Frankfurt!


Dip & olives                                                                                       5,50 €

Sour cream dip, marinated olives and farmers bread - all small dishes come with bread -


Margaretes potatoe soup                                                                     6,80 €

with orange oil, spicy croutons and bread


Ful medammas                                                                                   8,80 €

beans and sesame. with sour cream, lemon and bread. Awesome!


Caesar Salad                                                                                     12,50 €

Romana salad | grilled french chicken | parmesan cheese |

Caesar-dressing with punch.


Fish & Chips                                                                                      12,50 €

with salad                                                                                         14,50 €

Fish of the catch, crispy fried and meltingly tender.

with potatoe wedges and mayonaise.


Grilled ribs                                                                                       18,50 €


Margaretes Grüne Soße                                                                          

with roasted potatoes and horse raddish                                                11,50 €

with thinly sliced beef                                                                           15,50 €


Crème brûlée                                                                                       6,80 €


Loaf cake                                                                                            2,70 €

Made by our favourite bakery.