Tawaraya - Japanese restaurant in Frankfurt

Admittedly we were reluctant to include the Tawaraya in this guide. Not because it is not good, to the contrary, it is excellent - but it is a restaurant where guide-frankfurt.com staff frequently goes, and the problem is that it is small, very small, and we are afraid that we won't get a table anymore.

The earth eatery you may find in any "yokocho" (side street) of Sapporo or Yokohama.

Suzuki, the chef and proprietor, dishes out some fantastic tempura, sashimi and the korokke and yakitori are from another world!! Sure, you can also eat some real good sushi and miso soup but we go there for the former.



Hanauer Landstr. 131
60314 Frankfurt
Tel.: +49 (0)69-434437


Cuisine: Japanese
Opening hours: Sun-Fri
18:30 - 24:00
Location: Ostend
Price range:


Seating: Inside: 20
Outside: -
Payment options: Cash
Ambience: Ethnic



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