MENU -"Brasserie du Sud" French Restaurant Frankfurt

Cream of tomato soup with herb foam 6,50
Bouillabaisse with rouille and roasted bread 9,50

To Start
Marinated green salads 5,50
Quiche with marinated salads 6,50
Gratinated goat cheese with honey and almonds and a salad of apple 9,50
Salad Café de Paris - with chicken breast, eggs, anchovies and olives 10,50
Fresh Foie gras (80 gr) - with apples and a jam of marinated salads 12,50

Penne "Brasserie" with beef, mushrooms, rucola and pecorino 12,50
Stuffed Tortelloni with dry tomatos and basil; with fresh parmesan cheese 10,50

From River & Sea
Fishplatter with pommes risolée and mint-vegetables 19,50
Grilled scallops with safran-risotto 14,50
Grilled octopus with mint-vegetables and parsley-potatoes 14,50

From Stove & Grill
Fillet steak with truffle-risotto 19,50
Rump steak with a cognac-pepper sauce, pommes risolée and ratatouille 17,50
Breast of duck with herb-gnocchi and a cream of spinach in pernod 17,50
Chicken breast stuffed with pesto with herb gnocchi and vegetables 15,50
Saddle of lamb with herb-gnocchi and a cream of spinach in pernod 18,50

Variety of cheese 6,50

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla sauce 6,50
Melange Doux - Mousse, Crème Brûlée, Canneles and a Espresso 8,50



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