"Zur Sonne" - Menu

DISCLAIMER: Menus are for orientation only and to give guests an idea of dishes offered and prices charged. Whereby all efforts are made to provide users of this website with the most actual menus and prices guide-frankfurt.com does not guarantee that this is always the case.

„Handkäs“ - without Music – bread and butter € 2,30
„Handkäs“ - with Music – bread and butter € 2,60
„Handkäs“ with pumpkin seeds and vinaigrette – bread and butter € 2,80
„Schneegestöber“ – dressed fresh cheese and peasants-bread € 5,80
„Bernemer Käsbrot“ – bread with fresh cheese, Handkäse, onions and caraway seeds € 6,40
Vogelsberger „Presskopf“ (headcheese) with peasants-bread € 7,30
„Vesperteller“ (snack platter) with smoked black-pudding, liver-sausage and „Presskopf“ with peasnts-bread and butter € 7,90

Lamb’s lettuce and rocket-salad with mushrooms, cherry-tomatoes, orange-slices and walnuts on an orange-dressing € 8,40
Lamb’s lettuce and rocket-salad with fried goose-liver, apple-strips on a walnut-dressing € 9,90
Hessian Breadsalad – an assortment of season-salads with Handkäs and peasants-bread on a vinaigrette € 7,90
Mixed salad – large bowl € 7,90
Mixed salad – small bowl € 4,10

Homemade liver-dumpling soup € 8,70
Venison-crème soup with mushrooms and Sherry € 4,50
„Sauerkraut“-Lasagna on a salad bouquet € 7,70

Liver sausage and black-pudding with „Sauerkraut“ and potato-purée € 8,70
Homemade liver-dumpling with „Sauerkraut“ and potato-purée € 8,40
A pair of „Frankfurter“ sausages with „Sauerkraut“ and peasants-bread € 7,50
„Himmel und Erde“ (Heaven & Earth) – potato-purée, onions and fried black-pudding with homemade apple-mus € 7,50
Boiled „Rippchen“ (loin rib) with „Sauerkraut“ and peasants-bread € 7,40
Baked „Schäufelchen“ (shoulder of porc) with „Sauerkraut“ and peasants-bread € 14,10
Hessian „Schlachtpallte“ (meat & sausage platter) for 2 persons 2 liver-dumplings, 1 liver sausage, 1 black-pudding, 2 „Rippchen“ and 1 Frankfurter sausage – served with „Sauerkraut“ and potato-purée € 12,50 / person

„Kasselerbraten“ (smoked-porc roast) in a crust of orange and honey, with potato-purée and savoy-cabbage € 9,80
Hirschgulasch (venison-gulash) with walnuts – served with „Spätzle“ (Swabian noodles) and lamb’s lettuce € 11,80
„Rinderroulade Hausfrauenart“ (beef-rollade housewife-style) with potato-purée and homemade apple-red-cabbage € 10,50

Breaded „Schnitzel“ with roast-potatoes and mixed salad € 10,00
Mushroom-cream „Schnitzel“ with roast-potatoes and mixed salad € 10,50
Rumpsteak (approx. 280 gr) with herbs-butter or onions – served with roast-potatoes and mixed salad € 14,10
Rumpsteak (approx. 280 gr) with pepper-cream sauce – served with roast-potatoes and mixed salad € 14,60
Schwäbischer Spätzletopf“ (Swabian nuddle pot) with porc-médaillon on homemade „Spätzle“, mushroom-cream and salad € 11,80

Trout „meunière“ or fried in almond-butter, with parsley-potatos and green-salad € 11,50

Starters – a choice of: - Lamb’s lettuce with orange slices, croutons, mushrooms and cocktail tomatoes - Soup of créme/game consomée with wild mushrooms and Sherry
Main Dish - ¼ oven frish baked goose with dumplings, homemade appel-redcabagge, baked potatoes and chestnut mousse
Dessert - Stuffed baked apples with vanilla sauce
Starters - mixed entrée with Frankfurt Handkäse, Schneegestörber, homemade sausages, cornichons and German peasant bread
Main Dish - Frankfurter Grüne Soße with fried fillets of pike-perch and boiled potatoes
Dessert - White mousse au chocolat with a sauce of wild berries
Handkäse: a kind of Harz cheese with onions, vinegar and oil, Schneegestöber:camembert mixed with cream cheese, pepper and paprika, Grüner Soße: „the“ Frankfurt Speciality! Made of 7 different fresh herbs! made with eggs, herbs, oil and vinegar, sweet or soured cream, yoghurt, creme fraiche                        or "quark" ( a kind of curd)