Ypsilon - Bookstore & Cafe

It all started way back in 1978 as a leftist bookstore and is now an iconic venue for a Frankfurter bohemian crowd from early morning to late at night. It is known for its fantastic breakfast (and Sunday brunch!) offer, with only hand-picked products including bread and cakes from Gehlfuß, a family-owned bakery which belongs to Germany's best.

The kitchen is open from morning to late night - way past midnight - and there are always some "Gestalten" sipping a last glass of one of Klaus' (the big guy with a smile!) carefully chosen wines. It offers a daily changing small but fine selection of dishes including vegetarian options; everything market fresh and at very attractive prices. 


Service - in the hands of Edita, Julia, Maya, Zorica and Dobi - is friendly and professional but as laissez-faire as the crowd that frequents the Ypsilon. 


Clientele is very mixed: the local relaxed Frankfurt Nordend scene and many former activists who took part in the 1968 student movement which swept Germany still drop in at all hours of the day. 


Some of "the old decor still retains the 68 spirit and the walls are adorned with slogans and quotations from that period" as former Frankfurt Book Fair manager Hans-Michael Fenderl pointed out in a recommendation published in TIME magazine back in 2010. 


The Ypsilon is a Frankfurt traditional venue for literary readings, art and photography exhibitions and is very suited for functions of diverse nature.


In other words: good for breakfast (only a croissant's throw away from the Merianplatz U-bahn station and always fresh international press), a small meal during the day or early evening, a last glass late at night. Always a great crowd, fun atmosphere and nice service... or for any functions visitors may be planning.


Berger Str. 18
60316 Frankfurt 
Tel: 0049 69 448738


Cuisine: Café / Bistro
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 
Location: Nordend
Price range:
Seating: Inside:
Ambience: Casual



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