Visitors to Frankfurt: How can help you

Whether you are looking at organizing a dinner or client reception in Frankfurt, need trade fair services, are searching for special gifts in Frankfurt’s shops or are interested in extending your visit and get to know the Rhein-Main region: we will connect you to the local and regional offers and will be pleased to assist you.


Guide-Frankfurt is the consequential follow-up of, the English only portal, which since 2002 has been taking care of up to six thousand international visitors to Frankfurt annually, with restaurant suggestions, organisation of dinners and an array of associated services. helps you organize you dinner(s) in Frankfurt - and beyond

People - assistants or sales managers - who have had to organise a business dinner from their offices in New York, Melbourne or São Paulo with absolutely none or only limited knowledge of the city, the language or suitable restaurants learnt to appreciate the services rendered. made recommendations, liaised with restaurants on suitable menus, had them translated, negotiated on behalf of visitors and sent written confirmations with all details in English. For large group-dinners transport could be organised, flowers ordered, seat cards and company CI menus printed and even in-loco supervision of entire events. All this, and a lot more, at no cost for guests in town. is designed primarily for international business visitors and the expat community in Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main area

Guide-Frankfurt is designed primarily for the use of international business visitors to Frankfurt and for the expat community in the entire Rhein-Main area; tourists, layover airline crews and even travellers transiting Frankfurt airport (care has even been taken to offer a couple of suitable restaurants within a 10 minutes taxi ride from the terminal) will also find it useful - 12 years of almost daily personal contact with guests in the city, attending to each wish and question from most diversified cultural backgrounds, from as many as 57 different nationalities has made the makers sensible to needs and desires and has influenced the content and functionality of Guide-Frankfurt. Objective is to make information easily accessible and the whole stay in Frankfurt a relaxed and pleasant affair. shows visitors everything they may be looking for or happen to need - services, shopping tips and much much more

Past contact with fair trade exhibitors, congress participants has revealed that very often a shopping tip (a present for someone back home, a particular product or a bouquet of flowers for a private dinner invitation) or a particular service (stand catering, a pc doctor, an interpreter or photographer) is required; visitors to Frankfurt should find on Guide-Frankfurt everything and anything they may be looking for or happen to need.

It is about finding a solution when something unexpectedly happens but also about being able to plan knowing what is available and what is possible. Things like having your sales folders printed locally and delivered to your hotel or fair booth. is here to assist you - contact us or our partners any time!

Visitors to the website can contact Guide-Frankfurt for assistance, be it to request some restaurant options for a specific dinner, to find out where to buy those just launched Adidas sneakers or the best address to look at some good used Porsches. Visitors can also directly address Guide-Frankfurt partners over the provided contact details – where these have a communication/language problem, the Guide-Frankfurt team assists them.

As in the past, and key to the popularity and recognition enjoyed, the fact that direct contact - with any need one may have or for any information one may require – was explicitly welcome from visitors in town. We intend maintaining this approach and look forward to assisting you and contributing to making your stay an enjoyable and relaxed affair. Never hesitate to contact us.