About guide-frankfurt.com

Guide-Frankfurt.com is the new comprehensive guide to Frankfurt and its metropolitan area. It was designed for the almost 2 million international visitors that come to Frankfurt each year, as well as for the thousands of people who live here as expats.


Comprehensive information about Frankfurt and the region

International visitors to trade fairs, conferences and other events in Frankfurt, tourists and expats looking for restaurants or hotels in Frankfurt, shops, services, information on Frankfurt’s sights, culture and events – this site has it all in one place.


Informing visitors long upfront and encouraging them to spend more time

The Guide-Frankfurt.com team is here to assist the international community and visitors,  help them make the most of their Frankfurt visit or stay and encourage them to spend more time in the region and the city. This also means that, whenever possible, visitors are contacted long before they come to town, so that a concert visit, a weekend in the Taunus mountains or a long shopping tour through the city's hidden gems can be planned and flights booked accordingly.


Taking visitors by the hand

Whether a guest is looking at organizing a dinner or client reception in Frankfurt, needs trade fair services or searches for special gifts: the Guide-Frankfurt team will connect them to the local and regional offers and will be pleased to assist.


Twelve years of experience

guide-frankfurt.com is the follow-up of selected-restaurants.com, the English restaurant guide for international visitors to Frankfurt launched in 2002 by Hilton de la Hunt and Markus Schulz. During the past twelve years, selected-restaurants.com assisted up to six thousand guests annually - of roughly 40 different countries - with restaurant recommendations, reservations and large group bookings.


A welcomed service: by companies, trade fairs and the City of Frankfurt
selected-restaurants.com was the featured restaurant guide for Frankfurt during the 2006 FIFA Worldcup, is recommended by websites such as the city of Frankfurt or the Frankfurt tourist office. Additionally, many trade fairs and company intranets link to the guide. With IMEX-Frankfurt, selected-restaurants.com has a close cooperation dating back to the very first show in 2003.

Personal care has always been the motto
The popularity of selected-restaurants.com and the appreciation of international visitors are closely connected with the fact that personal care has always been the motto. Thousands of guests know Hilton or one of his assistants by name, approach and recommend him as the contact in Frankfurt when anything is needed.

Twelve years of taking guests by the hand are behind the idea of guide-frankfurt.com.
We know what visitors need and we guess what they may want if conveniently offered to them.