Fraport Skyliners

Yes, Frankfurt also has a professional basketball team with a faithful fan base. More than 4000 spectators attend the home matches on average. The team was founded in 1999 with the aim of creating a team that is successful both nationally and internationally. It kicked off by winning the Germany cup, and only little later, in 2003/2004 won the German championship! The team has participated in the basketball Bundesliga (BEKO BBL) since its foundation. It went through several name changes already, depending on its major sponsor. The games take place at Fraport Arena in Frankfurt-Hoechst.

Game dates 2017 (at Fraport Arena)

Tue. 03 OCT 2017 / 15:30 Frankfurt Skyliners vs BG Göttingen (BBL)
Sun. 22 OCT 2017 / 18:00 Frankfurt Skyliners vs Medi Bayreuth (BBL)

Sun. 05 NOV 2017 / 15:30 Frankfurt Skyliners vs EWE Baskets Oldenburg  (BBL)
Sat. 18 NOV 2017 /18:00 Frankfurt Skyliners vs ratiopharm ulm (BBL)

Sat. 09 DEC 2017 / 18:00 Frankfurt Skyliners vs Eisbären Bremerhaven (BBL)

Fraport Arena

Silostraße 46

65929 Frankfurt am Main


Public Transport: S1/S2 Frankfurt Höchst Farbwerke