Institute of Local History - Carmelite Monastery

The Institut für Stadtgeschichte, the so-called Memory of Frankfurt, has been in existance for six hundred years and today is one of the most important municipal archives in Germany.


Its extensive holdings of material from the 9th century to the present record the history of Frankfurt and much more besides - illustrated particularly well by the exceptional collection od historic photographs and maps.

As the institution preserving the city's history and heritage, the Institute sees itself as a research center where history comes alíve. Anyone with an interest in history will find a knowledgable expert on the staff to provide advice.


The Carmelie Monastery, which houses the Institute, is Frankfurt's only monestary complex that retains its medieval aura. Some of its outstanding features are the mural paintings by Jörg Ratgeb who in 1514-21 adorned thw walls of the cloisters and refectory with scenes from salvation history and the history of the Carmelite order. Detailed information on the important pre-Baroque paintings and their iconography is provided in an exhibition and via audio guides.


Secularized in the early 19th century, the monastary was severely damaged during World War II and after reconstruction and restoration it is now a venue for exhibitions on the history of Frankfurt, events and concerts.

Münzgasse 9
60311 Frankfurt

T: +49 (69) 212 37 914


Opening hours: Mon-Fri
Admission: Varying 

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