Historical Museum Frankfurt

The Historisches Museum is currently getting ready for the 21st century. Founded in 1878, Frankfurt's oldest municipal museum is undergoing changes that will transform it into a modern city museum. In addition to a completely redesigned exhibition space, the new museum will present innovative exhibition concepts such as the Stadtlabor.


In spring 2012, renovation of the historical buildings of the unique architectural ensemble on Römerberg - the Staufian Saalhof, Rententurm, Bernus and Burnitz buildings as well as the Zollgebäude - have been completed. Beside the new permanent exhibition "Frankfurt Collectors and Donors", "The Staufer Era" and "Main Panorama", the coronation regalia of the Holy Roman Empire, the well-known model of the historic Old Town by the Treuner brothers and the publicly accessible "Bibliothek der Alten" are on display.


The new museum buildings on Römerberg are being erected, to be completed by 2017 (architects: Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei, Stuttgart).

Saalgasse 19
60311 Frankfurt am Main

T: +49 (69) 212 35599





Opening hours: Tue-Sun
Mon closed
Admission: €7 (€3.50 reduced) 

...or use the Museum Embankment Ticket for access to 34 museums within two days (€18)
Public Transport: U4, U5, Trams 11+12 "Römer"

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