Archeological Museum Frankfurt

The museum preserves and displays a collection of important historical artefacts from Frankfurt and the surrounding area recovered during extensive excavations. Since 1989, the Archäologisches Museum has been housed in the main body of the Gothic Karmeliterkirche and its modern annexes. Furthermore, the museum is responsible for the open-air archeological sites in the city. The museum's research findings are available in a series of specialist and also popular science publications.


The permanent exhibition is devoted to presenting everyday life of the Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer culture, the first Neolithic farmers in the Frankfurt area as well as Celts, Romans and Germanic tribes in themed sections. The Collection of Classical Antiquities offers an overview of two thousand years of culltural development in the Mediterranean. The Ancient Orient Department with its collection consisting predominantly of small artefacts from ancient Iran is one of the largest of its kind in Germany.


Temporary exhibitions are intended to introduce a wide range of cultures in ancient Europe to the general public. The programme is regularly supplemented by evening concerts, illustrated talks and themed events.


The education programme for pre-school children, school children and adults includes guided tours, seminars, workshops and further education. A range of touch-based classes for visually imparied stidents is offered, during which objects from the collection may be handled.

Karmelitergasse 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main

T: +49 (69) 212 35896



Opening hours: Tue-Sun
Mon closed
Admission: €7 (€3.50 reduced) 

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Public Transport: U1-U5, Trams 11+12,

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