Conveniently situated in Frankfurt's elegant Westend neighbourhood and a 15 minutes walk from the city centre, 22 hectares of the most diversified global flora are on display at the Palmengarten.

Almost every exotic plant in the world may be found in its Tropicarium; an ensemble of 14 greenhouses which simulate an array of climates from monsoon forests to arid deserts.

The Palmengarten was founded in the 19th century as a leafy heaven in the heart of the city for the enjoyment and relaxation of locals and visitors. Name giver is the 18 meter high palm house - an iron structure designed by architect Friedrich Kaysser and inspired by similar glass palaces built at the time in London and Paris.

An absolute must see, a true gem, for anyone visiting the city, and with its vast pond, with boat rental, full of fishes and turtles, the kiddies train crossing the grounds, a refreshing water playground, the adorable ducks, a great place for an outing with the family.

Palmengartenstrasse OR
60323 Frankfurt



Location Bockenheim
Opening hours Feb-Oct
Admission €7 (reduced €3 or €2)
Getting there U4/U6/U7 Bockenheimer Warte (for entrance Palmengartenstr.)

U6/U7 Westend or Bus 36 Palmengarten (for entrance Siesmayerstraße)

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