Old Opera (Alte Oper)

The original Opera House, opened by Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1880, was financed by wealthy local citizens. It was built by Richard Lucae and its design was Italian Renaissance.

It was completely destroyed in an air raid in 1944 and later, not without much controversy, rebuilt between 1964 and 1981. Prior to that, endless discussions took place around its reconstruction and if it should be reconstructed at all. Then city-mayor Rudi Arendt, fed up with the issue, suggested the remains should be blown up and the subject forgotten; still today, looking back, he is referred to as "Dynamite Rudi".

On the long run good for the city that Dynamite Rudi didn't get his hands on the matches... for the reconstructed Alte Oper is certainly the classic architectural show piece of Frankfurt, and the Opernplatz with its wonderful fountain, one of the loveliest spots in town and the pride of many Frankfurters.
The Alte Oper is, despite the name, no longer the opera house in town - for world class opera the nearby "Oper Frankfurt" is the address. Today, the Alte Oper is a concert and event venue - the main auditorium sits 2500 people - and functions as congress and conference centre. Around 200 performances are staged annually, ranging from chamber music, through pop and jazz to musicals. 

Alte Oper Frankfurt
Konzert- und Kongresszentrum GmbH
60313 Frankfurt 
P: +49 (0)69 1340 0
E: kontakt@alteoper.de


Location City: Center
Getting there U6/U7
Alte Oper
or a short walk from Hauptwache or Taunusanlage (all S trains)

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