Airport Rhein Main

Many will travel into Frankfurt Airport or spend some time there in transit, not really noticing that the airport itself is an interesting sight: Rhein Main Airport is the most important airport in Europe for Cargo traffic and the third busiest for passengers, right after Heathrow and Charles-de-Gaulle. With its central location, it is also the airport with the highest number of international destinations in the world.


The airport does not only host conferencing facilities, a shopping mall, restaurants and several hotels - it also offers interesting tours and a visitors terrace, from where you can watch starts and landings.

It was here in Frankfurt, on 16 November 1909, that the world's first airline was founded. Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft built the first airport in Frankfurt, which was then located in Bockenheim - a location obviously limiting its options for expansion.


When Deutsche Luft Hansa was founded in 1926 and civilan air travel was growing world wide, the larger airport in the middle of the Frankfurt City Forest was planned but not realized before 1933, first with plans to make it the largest airport for Zeppelins in Germany, a plan that was revised after the Hindenburg crash in 1937...


Frankfurt Airport is constantly growing - bringing not only jobs to the region but certainly also lots of noise, which has led to heavy protests in recent years, after a new runway had been built and with the construction of a third terminal in sight.


Airport Rhein Main

Location Airport
Opening hours  24/7
Admission Visitors terrace Terminal 2
Getting there S1, S8, DB trains (ICEs)

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