Special offers and deals around Frankfurt fairs and congresses

What's up in town


In this section trade-fair, congress and participants of other events may find information of what is happening in town - concerts, exhibitions, theatre, festivals and a lot more - around specific dates.

It is also the section where Frankfurt restaurants, shops, service provider's inform of special offers, discounts and package deals around specific trade fairs or other events.

This section is being constantly updated so keep returning for actual information.

Extend your stay


You’ve been attending conferences and trade fairs in Frankfurt for years but other than a few restaurants haven’t seen much of the town and its surroundings?

You’re coming to Germany for the first time and don’t want to leave without experiencing a bit more than the financial hub?

Frankfurt’s region has a lot to offer – why not extend your stay for a day or two?
Here are some ideas and special offers, we have organized specifically around your fair or conference.